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Goggles energy has always had a strong inclination towards innovation and creation. A solid step towards that has been our first 44 kWp BIPV system project which took hold in Anna Nagar, Chennai. Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) system is a growing technology which produces on-site power. It's a space efficient method of incorporating PV panels onto the building's main structure. These panels are commonly used on glasses, windows, roofs, skylights and facades.

To add a feather to our new cap, this is the first such project in Tamil Nadu and only the second in India. The project was completed in a span of three weeks. We had experts from Germany help us with the technological know-hows. During the course of the project, our Indian team in interaction with them learnt the nuances of BIPV integration. In-roof transparent solar panels, while aesthetically pleasing, also has 10% light permission. The In-roof solution is leakproof and serve a dual purpose: acting as a building roof and power generator. Goggles Energy offer 20 year leak-proof warranty for In-roof systems. We would like to register the fact that the BIPV system stayed intact in the wake of cyclone Vardah, ensuring the system's stability.

BIPV is still in its nascent stages in India. The high setup cost is one of the primary limitations of BIPV systems. While the initial cost of integration is marginally offset by reducing the amount spent on building material, BIPV integration is yet to to pick up its pace in India.

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